Welcome to the Fire Marshal’s Website for the City of Amarillo. The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for the prevention of fires within the City of Amarillo. Deputy Fire Marshals conduct formal fire inspections, fire investigation, and assist with other activities. These investigators are the "police" of the Fire Department, and investigate all fire-related crimes within the city. Amarillo Deputy Fire Marshals are State licensed peace officers, State certified fire inspectors and arson investigators. Deputy Fire Marshals are also responsible for investigating fires that resulted in burn injuries and/or fatalities, as well as all misdemeanor offenses involving fires, such as false alarms and criminal mischief fires.

Fire @ 1313 Herman on 9/11/2012 ***UPDATE***

Two separate fires were started at this location on 9/11/12.  The Fire Marshal’s Office conducted a thorough investigation of the incident and developed a suspect, Ricardo Travis.


February 2014 Ricardo Travis was found guilty of Arson and sentenced to 20 years in prison. 

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Grass Fire @ SW 32nd/S. Crockett

The Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating a small grass fire that occurred in the park area at this location.  It is believed the fire was set intentionally.  Numerous juveniles were seen running from the area after a loud “pop” sound was heard. 

If you have any information regarding this fire please click the Burn an Arsonist link on the home page to submit tips anonymously or call 806-378-3512

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Car Fire @ 1108 Sugarloaf

A gold Nissan Altima parked in the street at this location was intentionally set on fire on 12-1-13.  The Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the incident. 

If you have any information regarding this incident pleace click the “Burn an Arsonist” link on the home page to submit an anonymous tip.

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Fire Fatality @ 4530 Maverick

On 11-19-13 Investigators responded to the apartment complex at this location.  A fire started in a residence on the third floor.  One victim was removed from the scene and trasported to the hospital where he was declared deceased.  Cause of this fire is still under investigation and awaiting autopsy results.

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Fire Fatality @ 710 S. Birmingham

On 11-19-13 Investigators responded to a residential fire at this location.  One subject died as a result.  The Amarillo Fire Marshal’s Office has determined the cause of the fire to be accidental. 

Be sure not to overload electrical outlets and never use extension cords as permanent wiring.

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Fire @ 506 SW 10

Deputy Fire Marshals are investigating a fire that occured inside an apartment on the second floor at 506 SW 10 at aprroximately 0530 on 10/22.  The building is vacant and there were no injuries. 

If you have any information reference this fire or any fire, click the “Burn an Arsonist” link on the home page. 

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Fire @ La Fiesta ***UPDATE***

August 27, 2013 subjects broke into La Fiesta at 7415 SW 45 and attempted to set multiple fires in the building.  Deputy Fire Marshals responded to the scene and are investigating.  If you have any information reference this incident click on the “Burn an Arsonist” link on the home page. 

Deputy Fire Marshals obtained arrest warrants for arson on two subjects and were taken into custody without incident.

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Fire @ 818 S. Virginia

Deputy Fire Marshal’s are investigating the cause of three fires that occured three days in a row at 818 S. Virginia on October 1, 2, and 3.

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