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I agree to pay the costs of photocopying, duplication, the labor costs involved in retrieving information that is not readily available or in need of redacting, and the cost of mailing or faxing. In the event the estimated cost to satisfy my request exceeds: (a) $40.00, then I will receive a detailed statement and the opportunity to narrow my request; if I fail or refuse to narrow my request within 10 business days, then my request is deemed withdrawn; (b) $100 or if I owe over $100 in unpaid fees for prior requests, then I understand a 50% deposit may be required prior to retrieval of the information Icurrently seek.

I understand that the City of Amarillo may withhold information which is not considered public information under the Texas Public Information Act, as interpreted by the Texas Attorney General or the courts. If it is uncertain whether the information is public or not, the City will request an opinion from the Attorney General.I will get a copy of the City's letter to the A.G. requesting an opinion about my request.

I understand that the City is required to release only information which currently exists,that is in its possession, and in its current state. The City is not required to compile or create specific information or formats for my use.I understand the City will make the information available as soon as reasonably possible, normally no more than 10 business days. Archived records, voluminous requests, and documents requiring redaction of non-public information may require a longer time for processing.

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